About Genomics

Company Profile

“Genomics” originally means the science to study genomics. The company uses “Genomics” as the name to establish a genomic research platform, mainly providing professional technological services. Genomics is devoted to the development of basic research and application of genomics, in the hope of contributing to the solutions for various issues related to our daily lives such as Grain yield, development of new drugs, disease detection and treatment through the cooperation with related research institutions and industries.

Genomics was founded in 2001 by Dr. T.Y. Chow, a student of Dr. Frederick Sanger who was twice the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. As the project leader of Academia Sinica Plant Genome Center, ASPGC, Dr. Chow represented Taiwan and led his team to participate in the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP), becoming the first to complete the sequence of rice chromosome 5. Upon this success, Taiwanese flag was hanged above rice’s fifth chromosome which represents a high academic status worldwide.

Genomics is Taiwan's biggest commercial genome sequencing company, with a solid foundation of existing technology services, to develop accurate medical genetic testing, for personalized medical information.

Our Professional and Friendly Service Team

  • Life Science team: Based on the technology expertise of the IRGSP team of Academia Sinica, Genomics has been committed to scientific research, product development and technical services.
  • Next generation sequencing team: experienced next generation sequencing technology and bioinformatics experts formed a strong lineup.
  • Clinical Team: combined professional sequencing team with a team of top physicians and medical research center to jointly develop prenatal testing、cancer risk management testing、cancer treatment testing.