About Genomics

Management Team

Chou-Yuan You Chairman

Education and Background:
Ph.D. candidate. Department of Biotechnology and animal Science, National Ilan University
M.S. Institute of Plant Biology, National Taiwan University

Daniel Huang Honorary President

Education and Background:
M.S. Institute of Biochemical Science, National Taiwan University
President, Xinscience Biotech
General Manager, Taiwan ,Life Technologies
Director for Applied Biosystems, Great China, Life Technologies

Jennifer Hsu General Manager

Education and Background:
M.S.  Institute of Radiation Biology, National Tsing Hua University
VP & Managing Director, CellMax
Senior Manager, Taiwan, Qiagen
Sales manager r, Taiwan ,Life Technologies

Kevin Chiang Vice General Manager, Life Science Division

Education and Background:
M.S. Department of Bio-Engineering, Tatung University
Clinical Research Associate, Protech Pharmaservices Corp