EndoPredict genetic testing

EndoPredict is the only test of its kind to combine the established clinical prognostic factors of tumour size and lymph node status with the genetic expression of the tumor into the «EPclin Score». This combination provides valuable additional prognostic information to make an informed treatment decision.

Who can do the EndoPredict testing

Patient with breast cancer and is luminal A or B type. (ER+/HER2-)


1. Personalized treatment decision

For patients with a low risk of disease progression, this means that they are sufficiently treated with anti-hormonal therapy.

2. Combine clinical prognostic factors and gene fingerprint into the < EPclinScore>

3. Unnecessary chemotherapy can be avoided

Studies have shown that 60% of patients eligible for prognosis determination with low-risk profile of EndoPredict test could have done without stressful chemotherapy.

4. Identifies risk for early and late recurrence

Only EndoPredict can predict the risk for occurrence of metastases both in the first five years and in the sixth to tenth year after diagnosis.

5. Provides a clear assignment to a low-risk or high-risk group


When can do the EndoPredict testing