Sanger sequencing delivery precautions

  1. You can select and mark the free Universal Primer provided by us for free in the form.
  2. Please send the frozen samples through “Flying Express Delivery” to us at the expense of our company.
  3. If the sample is bacterial liquid, please provide 3-5ml of fresh bacterial liquid produced within 24 hours. In order to avoid aging or death of the bacterial; it can ensure the quality of the sampled plasmid DNA.
  4. Please put the samples in 1.5ml eppendorf tube or 0.2 ml PCR Tube and attach the DNA template and single-strand primer. Do not mix the Forward primer and the Reverse primer.
  5. If it has been known that the DNA sequencing sample to be analyzed has special construct (such as GC-rich or Homopolymeric regions), please notice in the remark column of the delivery order, and we will make treatment under special conditions.
  6. For PCR product sequencing primer, please mark the GC content, concentration, Tm value (suggest primer Tm = 50°C~55°C), and the annealing temperature.
  7. As for the situation that the PCR product contains other products, our company does not provide gel cutting service at present, and the customers should cut the gel by themselves. Our company will provide gel purification service, but it is necessary to note that the gel size should be less than 200mg. If the gel is too large, the DNA quality will be influenced after purification.
  8. The sample type abbreviation code: B-Bacterial Colony; L-Liquid Culture; D-Plasmid DNA; P-PCR Product; please tick clearly for the convenience of our personnel.
  9. If the sample is bacterial or plasmid DNA, please clearly mark the vector; if the sample is PCR product, please make sure to tick whether it has been purified or not; if the sample has been purified, please mark the purification method.
  10. If it is necessary to return the plate or the purified DNA sample after the sequencing is finished, please mark clearly in the remark column; the sample shall be preserved for 1 month.
  11. Because the sequencing results are sent by e-mail, please make sure to correctly fill out you e-mail address.
  12. In case of any doubt of the experimental methods or result, welcome to discuss with our technical personnel through e-mail or telephone.