Primer Walking

We provide primer walking service to verify your sample sequence accuracy or sequencing the unknown sample sequence. If you provide the reference sequence of your sample, we can sequencing the whole sequence at one time.

Service item:

  • Primer design and synthesis
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Sequence alignment

You should know before sample delivery:

  • DNA: Please provide 1~2ug sample DNA per 1Kb target sequencing. For unknown sequence, please provide 10 ug sample DNA at least.
  • Primer: If you know the start sequence, we can synthesis the start sequencing primer for your sample. Or if you have the sequencing primer, please provide concentration 5uM, 10ul at least.
  • Package: Please provide samples of your tightly packed, and marked the sample name, primer name and concentration on tube, be sure to delivery at low temperature.


Please email us if you want to order. (order@genomics.com.tw)