Regular DNA Sequencing

We use the Sanger Sequencing method to provide researcher the sequencing service quickly. You can send the Plasmid, PCR Products, bacteria by liquid broth or colonies to us, our systematization and high throughput process can send you the result by mail before 24 hours.

Sample type and explanation as follow

Sample Type


B-Bacterial Colony
L-Liquid Culture

Mark the sample name, strain, plasmid and antibiotic type.

D-Plasmid DNA

Mark the DNA purification kit and concentration of DNA. DNA concentration must > 0.1μg/μl, and provide at least 10μl per 1 reaction.

P-PCR Product

The concentration of PCR products must >0.05 μg/μL and provide at least 10μl per 1 reaction. Provide electrophoresis photo and marked whether purify or not.


Provide 5μL per 1 reaction, concentration > 5μM。

When you send the sample to us, please separate the sample and the primer.


Please email us if you want to order. (order@genomics.com.tw)