User Manual of Oligo Products

Dilution descriptions

The DNA products we synthesize are usually white powder or look transparent. As the products may easily detach from the tube bottom and be absorbed to the centrifugal tube wall or tube cap, you are recommended to centrifugalize the products, and then open the cap carefully and add water to dissolve them, in order to prevent the samples influencing your experiment.

Use method

a. Before opening the cap, centrifugalize the products to collect them at the tube bottom in order to avoid loss, and then open the tube cap carefully;
b. Add appropriate amount of ddH2O (PH>6.0) or TE buffer (PH 7.5-8.0 ) to dilute it to the wanted concentration;
c. Cover the cap and fully shake up and down by hands for 5~10 minutes or shake in the shaker for about 1 minutes;
d. Centrifugalize and collect into the tube bottom.

Preservation method

Frozen and dry DNA is stable and can be preserved for several years under the temperature of -20 ℃, or for about 6 months under the temperature of 4 ℃. Diluted oilgo can be preserved for about 1 years under -20 ℃, or about 1 month under 4 ℃. But note to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. In addition, acidic water solution will cause degradation of the DNA products. 

Method to calculate the oligo dilution concentration Basic parameters and calculation formula

MW(molecular weight)=(A bases x 313.21)+(G bases x329.21)+(C bases x289.18)+(T bases x304.2)+(Mixed bases x324.5)+(I bases x314.19)+(U bases x290.17)-61.96 Mixed =mixed bases; I = 2' deoxyuridine; U = 2' deoxyuridine
Code for the mixed bases:
R=(A/g), M=(A/C),  W=(A/T),  S=(C/g),  Y=(C/T),  K=(g/T),  H=(A/T/C),  B=(g/T/C),  D=(g/A/T),  V=(A/C/g),  N=(A/C/g/T)
Oligo DNA of 1 OD is about 33 μ g.

Quality guarantee

For any quality problem of the synthesis, after discussion and confirmation, we shall provide coupling service for you again for free.