Gene Synthesis Service

We had developed accurate gene synthesis platform and provide sequence optimization for free to help you synthesize the genes. Genomics Co., Ltd. has the expertise to help you achieve your gene synthesis needs. Gene synthesis enables powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. Compared to traditional molecular cloning techniques, Genomics Co., Ltd. gene synthesis service saves both time and money while offering unparalleled top to bottom customizability.


  • Synthetic Biology
  • Genome Editing/ Genetic Engineering
  • cDNA for Microarray
  • Vaccine Design
  • Protein Engineering
  • Gene for mutation
  • Drug Development


  • Free codon optimization
  • Any gene in any vector 
  • Guaranteed sequence
  • Cost effective

Delivery Specifications

  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert
  • Sequence chromatograms covering your gene
  • Construct map for the plasmid
  • Quality assurance certificate

Turnaround Time

Regular sequence (<3000 bps) about 3~4 weeks; Complex Sequence ( high GC content, repeat sequence) need inquiry.
Quotation and Ordering

For quotation requests and ordering, you may contact us by email or phone.