Life Science

Gene Expression Analysis

Comparison of gene expression has recently been used in the field of new drug development, biotechnology development, cancer research and other fields. We service technical operation of RNA and miRNA expression to support your research purpose.

RT² QPCR Array / miRNA QPCR Array Service

Instrument:ABI ViiA 7


  • Reverse Transcription
  • QC Array
  • QPCR Array
  • Perform Thermal Cycling(amplification data and melting curve)
  • Data analysis
  • Report(QC result,  Ct values, fold change, application data and plots) 


  • Using QIAGEN SABioscience QPCR Array to offer guaranteed performance, high sensitivity , and excellent reproducibility.
  • Analyzing a panel of genes in focused pathways, biological process or disease.
  • Stringent quality control
  • Diverse analytic plots
  • Professional technical staffs